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George the Cat: Reviewed by Foxin

January 1st, 2009, 8:11 pm

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I was asked by Ryank_119 to review his comic, George the Cat. After reading the whole thing, though, I really wish he hadn't. I couldn't get into this comic for the life of me. between the art, the plot, and the storytelling it was just all too confusing.

The plot of George the cat, as described by the author, goes as follows:

"In one day, George loses everything, now he's on a mission to take it back"

A more general description would have been better considering what actually goes on in the comic. It starts out with George playing Nintendo 64 with some of his friends. Cut to later on in the day where we see the group walking down the street when they are attacked by a robot with lasers. Apparently the robots are going around town and capturing the inhabitants of the city, Petcetra. So George runs off to the police station to report it, only no ones there. so he finds a gun and follows a robot back to the secret base. a gun battle ensues, to which he thanks the training he got from playing his N64... and George is captured. Whoever designed the building should be shot, because they put and escape hatch right in the prison cell, not to mention a chair, some rope, and a billy club. Everything you need to interrogate the person you drag down through the hatch, and what and interrogation it was. "What was that meeting about?" "Nothing!" "Too bad" KLUNK! now that he has a disguise he can escape so he forgets all about the escape hatch and chooses to attract the attention of another guard. "Somebody Help! That cat tricked me." knock out the guard, ditch the costume and find the captives, but OH NO! They're Brainwashed!! ... and now you know what happens in the first six pages. You can probably see why I lost interest rather quickly. George hasn't lost everything, everyone in town is being hunted and captured for completely unknown reasons. Also, why not put George in the same cell as the other prisoners? plot wise, this whole comic is a series of bad decisions, strung together with a character that has more balls than brains.

Now for the art. Now you always have to excuse the earlier comics, that's a general rule of thumb for everyone. but even 15 pages later, there's very little progression art wise. At one point there was a color page, but that's it. The most helpful change that was made was the layout. the earlier comic had this awful 12 panel layout in 3x4. Now it looks more like new age comic book page. which is a vast improvement. But the layout aside, the art is mediocre at best, the characters are all drawn the same way so at times it's hard to distinguish who the characters are.

The storytelling really isn't very good. My examples given above were only in the first chapter, but even as the story progresses it doesn't get much better. Later on we meet George's long lost father, which would have made a bigger impact if we had known he had run away to begin with, same with his mother who apparently died when he was too young to remember what she looked like. The quality to take things/people at face value, which normally would be filed under character flaws, is applied to all characters and ruin the plot. No one seems to question mysterious actions, it's just "I saved you. Take this gun, you work for me now. I need you to infiltrate this base and steal this microchip for me. Don't worry about what it does or what it's for. The base has 8 sniper towers and 24/7 security." "Don't worry, I can do it. I play N64."

So yeah, if you haven't guessed by now, this isn't a good comic. I do not recommend wasting your time reading this comic. I read the whole thing for you, and the best part of the comic is the banner image seen at the top of this review.
Posted by: Foxin.
@ January 1st, 2009, 8:14 pm
Posted by: Advertisement.
@ June 22nd, 2018, 3:55 am
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User's Comments:

ryank_119, January 2nd, 2009, 11:29 pm

Thanks for the review.

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